Building Permit Information

Applying for a Building Permit

Building permits are issued Monday-Friday, 8-10am or by appointment only. No building permits will be issued prior to all required documents having been received and reviewed by the Code Enforcement office. 

What to bring

1. A detailed site plan with the following:

  • Survey map or scaled drawing of the property location of project on the site
  • Show distances from project to boundary lines
  • Show dimensions of project
2. Structural drawings:

  • Cross-section or elevation sketch with dimensions
  • sizes of structural lumber
  • show spans of structural lumber
3. Completed Building Permit Application:

4. Building Permit Checklist

5. Payment:

Payment is required prior to the issuance of a Building Permit. Payment may be made in cash or by check. Credit card payment is accepted with a fee of 3% fee or a minimum of $3.00


Depending on the size of your project, a permit may be available the same day if the proper documentation is available. Larger projects may take longer to review and process.

Stormwater Construction Permit

If your project will impact, disturb or expose one or more acres of soil, including:

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Filling or stockpiling
  • Building Construction
  • Grading
  • Excavating
  • Demolition
…you are required to have a permit for stormwater discharges from the site.

For more information please read the Moving Dirt Brochure.