Capital Charges

An annual charge to cover annual debt service payments. Shown on the Tax Bill as WD243, WD244, WD245 or WD344, depending on Water District. We collect this revenue to pay down the Capital Debt in each District.

In the case of WD243, those property owners pay historic debt under WD243 and also to the new District 5. There will be 2 line items on their tax bill in that case. Remember we consolidated Water Districts 1, 2, & 3 in 2015. The new district is Water District 5, that is everyone in the district except Harris Hill Manor known as Water District 4.

The amount varies every year and we are required to hold a Public Meeting and to notify you of the estimated charge. The hearing is held in October.

Criteria used to determine property eligibility for debt responsibility:

  • The property must be located within the metes and bounds of the District description.
  • The property must have access to a Town water main. Access includes having a water main on either side of the road adjacent to the property.
  • Vacant parcels are included.