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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Happy New Year!!! Yes, another year has gone by. I would like to review a few of the accomplishments that have happened in 2019 and what the 2020 projects are.

2019 brought several challenges with the flood recovery of August 2018, new state mandates and working with the new county government. With these challenges came several positive developments for our community both for 2019 and years to come.

First was the challenge of FEMA and making sure that the town receives the money due to the flooding. Chris Austin has had the pleasure of heading up this for the town. He has done a great job along with his highway crew on repairing the flood damage along with the summers paving program. I want to personally praise Chris and the Town of Big Flats highway crew for a job well done. They are now into keeping our roads safe during the winter months. Thanks to all in DPW for what they do each day!!!

With our flood recovery we have had local contractors doing major projects such as Sunny Del and Valley View. We received 2.5 million in damages during the August 2018 flooding and along with FEMA and the State paying part of this cost for recovery, we are working with them to support projects that will help reduce future damages should it happen again.

The Town Board continues to support an aggressive schedule to upgrade our roads and continue to maintain the previously upgraded roads here in Big Flats. A solid investment in our roads now means that we pay less each year in repair costs. In 2019 the town spent a little over $20,000 in road repairs. instead of just repairing them we fix the problems that prevent them from having a 20-year life span.

The Water Department in 2019 put together several projects to improve our system such as digital setups helping locating very valve and hydrant and easing valve maintenance and tank inspections and helping greatly to detect any new leaks. We pump high quality water at one of the lowest rates in New York State.

Our people in the water department can locate water lines, valves and hydrants in minutes when called to locate them for contractors or projects that are digging near our water lines. This also cuts the time needed to repair water leaks. We have an annual maintenance program that makes sure that ALL valves and hydrants are in proper working order. The digital monitoring system checks for leaks each night and alerts the water department to potential leaks.

Our Youth department under the direction of Marg Tremaine and her group have had another very successful year with her after school programs, Friday night Taffy program and the Summer parks program servicing over four hundred youths in the Big Flats area. All the youth programs are funded by the Town of Big Flats with no charge to parents for the after school or the Friday night programs. The town did implement a small charge to the Summer parks program with a policy of “no child left behind”. Thanks, Marg for all that you do!!

There will be a small tax increase for 2020. Most it due to more state mandates, health insurance costs and wage increases. The town board works very hard each year to make sure that your money is used very wisely and fits all the town’s needs.

I could not be prouder to work with all the employees here at the Town of Big Flats as each department gives 100% each day for the citizens of Big Flats. On behalf the town board I thank each and everyone for all they do each day!!!

From everyone here at the Town of Big Flats, we wish you and your family a very joyous, prosperous, healthy

Happy New Year.

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