Supervisor's Blog 5/21/2018

Supervisor’s Blog 5/21/2018

I want to first thank Boy Scout Troop 87 for cleaning up land along the Chemung River that the Land Trust Group has purchased, helping the Town of Big Flats make the Chemung River that runs through the town one of the most popular areas on the River. On May 5th, Troop 87 along with their leaders, cleaned up about seven acres of land from years of debris. The Boy Scouts have completed several Eagle Scout Projects along the Chemung River, one being the Osprey nesting at Bottchers Landing. To Troop 87 and all the Boy Scouts of America, thank you for all that you do each day.

Chemung County has been hard at work resurfacing Daniel Zenker, Hibbard, Sing Sing and Kahler Roads. This is the first phase, and in 30 days they will be finishing with a top coat.  The Town is also busy with road projects this year. DPW has been completing a multi-year program on road and drainage, and for the fifth straight year have appropriated over $700,000 for the improvements to town roads.

The Town of Big Flats Highway Department has been recognized by the Cornell University Local Roads Program for two innovations; their Storm Grate Puller and Under the Guide Rail Pusher. Under leadership of Chris Austin, I want to thank Chris and his whole TEAM in the Department of Public Works for the outstanding job they do for the town each day.

The Senior trips start next week on Tuesday with a trip to the Eldred WWII Museum. For information on all the trips, please watch the Big Flats website and signup for the Town’s Facebook for notification’s as to the trips coming up.

The Big Flats Youth program is in full swing for 2018. Marge Tremaine has had her gardening groups do the Town’s flower pots. The YO and Youth Commission on May 2nd, served a spaghetti dinner to over 75 Seniors at their monthly dinner. The summer parks program is in full planning for the summer of 2018. In 2017, the Youth Department attendance at the TAFFY program was over 450 Big Flats youth. Great job to Marge and her staff.

Several town projects such as LED street lighting, HVAC systems, Health insurance cost reduction, and several shared services with both Chemung County other towns are all going forward to save the tax payers in future years. We have already seen a saving of over $10,000 a year with HVAC on maintenance cost along with $1,000’s in energy costs. I want to thank everyone at the Town for champing our recycling program that has cut our trash cost.

Last, I want to talk about speed!!! Yes, in most areas of the town the speed limit is 30 MPH but in a lot of cases that can be too fast. Most of the town does not have sidewalks, which means people and children walking must do so in the local highways. Children ride their bikes in these developments. People are walking their pets. The Town will be looking at programs to help slow traffic down and we need everyone’s help. If anyone has an idea, please direct them to me either by email or by phone.

Slow down and please drive at a slower speed, leave two minutes earlier and be aware of your fellow neighbors. Let’s make Big Flats the safest place to live!!!

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