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The end is near!!! Yes 2017 is fast coming to a close and winter is closing in on us. Several projects are wrapping up and new ones starting. The big project has been the installation of a new HVAC system in the town hall. To fix the old system was going to be over $130,000 and our maintenance cost would have gone from $15,000 per year to over $16,000 per year. The new system will be two systems, one to service the lower level and one to service the upper level of the town hall. The new system will cost less than $60,000 and the maintenance cost per year will be after the first year about $1,500. On top of that our energy costs should drop about 1/3 in both gas and electric. Pay back on going this project is less than four years. We are also applying for a NYSERTA Grant for this system of $25,000

We continue with LED retrofits, now with the community center. This project will be completed inhouse and should have a payback of less than four years in energy and maintenance costs. We have completed the town hall and the DPW buildings and most of the parks. The last project will be street lighting in the hamlet to help cut the cost.

I want to thank the Dennerlein Family for their generous donation to the Community Center in the mother’s honor. We were able to replace the TV/DVD players in all three rooms for program use.

We have received news that the state highway department will turn over the pond (known as Beverly’s Pond) to DEC so it will be open for fishing we hope this spring. We will be working to help them in anyway as this has been request by several people in the last few years.

 Progress has been going on at the Chemung County Airport and they say it is on schedule for late fall 2018. United Airlines will be a welcome addition with service to Newark. Chemung County Airport remains larger than the other two tri county airports combined.

I want to thank Corning Inc. for the addition of their new pharmaceutical line at the Big Flats plant. This project will add 185 new jobs at an average salary of $92,000. This plant on County Route 64 has seen several projects over the years and has been an important part of the area’s economy.

The Code and Planning office is staying busy with six new major projects in the Town of Big Flats. The Arnot Mall’s new concept ideas should bring several new jobs.

I want to take this time to thank all the employees here at the Town of Big Flats for the job they do each day of the year. Due to the loss of sales tax and assess value in the town we have had to cut staff and programs. Every employee has had more and completed the services that the Town’s constituents want and need.

 To every town employee, THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO EACH DAY.

   As the Holiday season is upon us armed please remember our Armed forces, our First Responders and our Law Enforcement Members as they protect us each and every day.

May the blessings of the season be with you and your families. May the New Year bring peace, happiness and prosperity to you and your family. So, from the Big Flats Town Board and from all the employees at the Town of Big Flats.


Happy New Year