Message from Town Supervisor

Flood Recovery Work Continues
Road surface work
Grading Monastery Road

October 18, 2018 - From the Town Supervisor

I wanted to provide another update on our continuing recovery and mitigation work related to the Aug 13-15th, 2018 flash flooding that Big Flats experienced.  Many repairs have now been completed by the Department of Public Works team and they remain busy working remaining issues while also getting our vehicle fleet and equipment prepared for the upcoming winter duties.  Full recovery from this devastating flood will certainly be a multi-year effort and we are actively exploring where improvements to our town-wide drainage systems make sense.  We do expect some reimbursement from FEMA but that will likely not occur quickly. 

Our crews have clocked over 2,500 manhours, utilized over 2,000 equipment hours, and hauled thousands of tons of material for “flood recovery” efforts across many damaged areas in the past two months.  We also had significant contractor support to re-open Monastery Road which suffered tremendous storm damage and was impassable.  A partial list of recovery work completed so far includes miles of ditch cleaning, extensive road shoulder repairs, resurfacing various roadway sections and numerous guide rail repairs.  Additionally, damaged culverts have been replaced and several larger culverts were installed under key “problem” areas on Monastery and Breed Hollow roads.  Finally, DPW crews have been working to clear tons of debris and then repair critical drainage systems in swales, retention ponds and streams where numerous loads of material have been placed to control flood water. 

Changing weather patterns seem to be giving us more frequent and intense storms to deal with.  While no one can change what Mother Nature sends our way, be assured we are working hard to ensure resident safety and maintain our town infrastructure. 

I will continue posting updates on the Town website and Facebook page.  As always, if anyone has a question or concern, please contact me at the Town hall (562-8443 ext. 204). I will try to return your call as soon as possible.

Ed Fairbrother

Town Supervisor