Message from Town Supervisor - Update on 2018 Flooding

Message from the Town Supervisor on 2018 Flooding
Harris Hill Road West



---------------------------------------------------Flood Recovery Update------------------------------------------

On Dec 3rd, 2019, I held a Town Hall meeting to provide updates on our continuing recovery efforts from the Aug 2018 flash flooding that severely damaged many areas within our Big Flats community.  As I’ve reported to you before, this will be a multi-year journey but great progress has been made thus far.  Due to continuing “above-and-beyond” repair work by the Big Flats Public Works team Deputy Commissioner Chris Austin leads, many impacted areas have been restored back to original condition and even improved were feasible.  A few others are on “hold” due to weather and the closure of blacktop plants for the winter but we’ll pick up work on them in the Spring.   The amount of time and materials expended has been very substantial!


This ongoing recovery has been a team effort with the County and other municipalities sharing their resources and expertise.  Thanks to all for their contributions.  Additionally, Mark Watts and his Chemung County Soil & Water team have been regularly involved and have been able to offer valuable assistance to private landowners that we are legally prohibited from doing work for.  He is an excellent resource if you need consultation on issues related to your property.   


As many of you know from my earlier updates, the Town has a large Stormwater Drainage Study underway and I’m excited about the work being done.  We will publish those study results and recommendations in the near future.  They will provide a roadmap for key improvements. 


We continue to work with FEMA on submitted claims so that reimbursements are obtained were possible.  As previously reported by me, that Federal process is a multi-year one that we are continually monitoring and prodding were possible.  My commitment to our residents is to carefully manage the Town budget and toward that end I constantly work to balance our expenditures against available resources so we’re not placed into a deficit situation that weakens our credit rating or necessitates an unreasonable tax increase. 


Ed Fairbrother

Town Supervisor