Planning Board

The Planning Board reviews applications for subdivisions and site plans for residential, commercial, and industrial development within the Town of Big Flats. The members of the Planning Board are instilled with the responsibility to ensure that future growth and development is in accord with town zoning regulations and is done in a manner which recognizes that responsible development is important to town residents. It is strongly encouraged that potential developers contact the Building and Planning Department to acquaint themselves with the application process before meeting with the Planning Board. Applicants must submit all documentation to the Planning Board Secretary no later than 14 business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Board Members

Carl Masler
Chair (2030)

Seth Lovell
Vice Chair (2027)

Scott Esty

Member (2026)

Gale Wolfe
Member (2025)

Katina Howard
Member (2028)

Richard "Pete" Peterson
Member (2029)

Kesler Tanner
Member (2024)


  • When: The Planning Board meets the first Tuesday of the month
  • Where: All Meetings are in the Meeting Room at the Big Flats Town Hall at 476 Maple Street unless otherwise posted
  • Time: 6:30 pm