Brush Pickup/Trees

Brush pickup is once a year starting the second week of April (weather permitting).  Brush needs to be pilled out near the edge of the road, do not pile brush near a telephone pole, fence, or other objects.  No leaves, grass clippings, lumber, or boards. The highway department will come through one time then it is the property owners responsibility to dispose of the brush.

The Chemung County Compost Site is open to the public from the 3rd week of April until November (weather permitting)
Chemung County Compost Site

Christmas trees are picked up during the month of January in The Town of Big Flats

If a tree falls across the road during working hours contact the DPW office 607-562-8443 ext. 224 If it falls after hours, please call 911.

Trimming and occasional tree cutting is an annual activity necessary for traffic safety, this year we are faced with many additional dead and dying trees due to a Southern Tier wide infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  Information about this invasive species is available on NYS DEC’s website for those interested.  Please note the restrictions on moving wood out of the local area.  We plan to haul away or chip all branches; or turn the log pieces over to BOCES programs for their use.