Big Flats Youth Services

Office Information

Youth Program Coordinator

Marge Tremaine

Recreation Attendant

Tel: (607) 562–8443 x307

Monday through Friday

8:00am to 4:00pm

The purpose of Big Flats Youth Services is to provide an ongoing service to our youth to create programs that develop skills, encourage personal growth, and help them make a contribution to our community. This process will link resources through educational institutions, agencies, and businesses to benefit both the youth and the community.

Youth Employment Services

What it is

Y.E.S. operates year-round as a job referral service for teens, ages 14–21 who are looking for work, and individuals, business, or groups who need work completed. Some of the most frequently requested jobs are: lawn care, childcare, domestic chores, painting, pet-sitting, and snow removal. Other various requests come from business, individuals, or groups.

How it operates

When a potential customer calls, a teen member of Y.E.S. will be contacted with the information. If interested, the teen worker will then contact the customer directly for more specific directions and information. Before doing the work, make sure you discuss and agree upon a wage. You must keep the Y.E.S. office informed of your decision, so the director will know if the customer has been able to have the job completed. A follow-up letter will take place after completion of the work to thank them, make sure everything was satisfactory, and inquire if they could use more help.

Becoming a registered Y.E.S. worker

In order to become eligible for a potential job, the following steps must be completed.
  • Complete application: Download and print the application below, including two references that will be contacted before a youth is eligible to work.
  • Working papers: if you do not already have them, your school counselor, office secretary, or nurse can provide them for you.
  • A parental waiver and release form: Page 3 of the application is a waiver and release form that must be signed by a parent/guardian (for anyone under 18) and returned to the Y.E.S. office.
  • A personal interview with the Y.E.S. Director: You can schedule an appointment by calling (607) 562–8443 x307 or click here to email Youth Services.

»Click here for the YES Application

Youth Programs


Kindergarten through 4th Grade at the Community Center 5–7PM on scheduled Friday nights from October through March. See the schedule below under Winter TAFFY. Call the office for a schedule 562–8443 ext. 307


Youth Organization for grades 5 through 8. Meetings, events and community service projects are scheduled through the year. Monthly meetings are held the 4th Monday of the month, September thru April, unless there is an event planned on a different day that month.

Teen Commission

For High School students. Monthly meetings that are self governed, with supervision, to plan and implement events for peers and other age groups along with community service. The monthly meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Community Center.

Spring Party

The Spring Party is for kids 10 years and younger.

T.A.F.F.Y. Programs

Town Activities For Flats Youth

T.A.F.F.Y. Brochure
T.A.F.F.Y. Registration Form