Office Open 8:00 am – 4:00 pm,  Monday – Friday

Work Crews 7:00 am – 3:30 pm, M – F

Tel:  (607) 562–8443

Fax: (607) 562–2176

Secretary of Public Works           Laura Sullivan   x224

Commissioner of Public Works                  Andy Avery  x224

Deputy Comm. / Highway Spvr                Chris Austin   x226

Parks and Grounds Caretaker                   Tom Tokar   x224

Mechanic         Dan McInerney   x452

Annual Brush Pick-up will begin 4/21/2014.  Brush must be out no later than that day.  Please call or email the office with your address to be added to the list.


1. Call or email to get on the list.

2. Brush pick-up program is for minor trimming of trees & shrubs around the resident’s home and is not for tree removal or the clearing of lots.  Any material considered to be from lot clearing will not be picked up.

3. No leaves, grass clippings, lumber, or boards.

4. Stack brush neatly parallel to the curb/street, not in the roadway, with butt ends facing the same direction.

5. NO limbs larger than 6″ diameter.

6. REMOVE nails, wire, string, and rope.

7. All brush must be out and ready for pick-up by 4/21/2014.  Once brush is removed from your area, the department will not return.

8. No stumps will be removed or collected.  Please contact a private tree service for assistance if you have stumps requiring removal or pick-up.


The Public Works Department was created in January 2002.

DPW encompasses and coordinates the Highway, Parks and Drainage departments.

There are a total of 13 employees in the DPW.

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Please call the Office for Assistance.  Thank you!