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Planning and Zoning Secretary

Brenda Belmonte x205

Tel:  (607) 562–8443
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Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm


Planning and Development

Residential and Commercial developers begin their process in this office. Applications for Planning Board Review are obtained directly from the Building Department, and submitted documents are reviewed by the Code and Planning Office prior to meeting with the Planning Board.

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Town of Big Flats – Municipal Code

The Town of Big Flats Municipal Code is available in PDF format. To access the document please click on the link below.

Municipal Code


Town of Big Flats Comprehensive Plan

The Big Flats Comprehensive Plan contains the entire body of work conducted within the Town over the past two years covering the efforts and results of a rigorous public involvement process, data collection, constructive focus group engagement, community surveys, document and report reviews, mapping and code evaluations, engineering studies and inventories; and then ultimately, the recommended goals, objectives, and strategies developed to achieve the community’s vision crafted from the public’s input. Introduction to the Comprehensive Plan, Purpose and Need:

Big Flats Comprehensive Plan



Commercial and residential development projects will require the submission of a detailed plan to the Planning Board. Applicants are encouraged to meet with the Code and Planning Office prior to submitting full documentation.

These documents must be submitted to the Planning Board at least two weeks prior to the Planning Board meeting:

The Planning Board meets the first Tuesday of the month.

The fees for the Planning Board are:

  • Site Plan Review
    • Residential: $250 (+ $50 per 1,000sq ft gross floor area)
    • Non-Residential: $500 (+ $150 per 2,500 sq ft gross floor area )
    • Concept Plan: $200, fee goes toward full review
  • Subdivision
    • 2 lots or less: $200 + $50 per lot
    • 3 lots or more: $500 + $100 per lot
    • Concept Plan: $200, fee goes toward full review
  • Variance
    • Residential – Area: $250, per relief requested
    • Non-Residential – Area: $500, per relief requested
    • Sign: Residential – $250, per relief requested
    • Sign: Non-Residential – $500, per relief requested
    • Use: $1000
  • For more fees, see the Fee Schedule


Zoning Information


Big Flats Zoning Law

The Town of Big Flats adopted a comprehensive zoning amendment on December 09, 2009, Local Law #6 of 2009.

Big Flats Zoning Law

Design Guidelines Part 1
Design Guidelines Part 2
Design Guidelines Part 3

Zoning Map

The current Zoning Map for the Town of Big Flats is available. Please call the office if you have any questions. Please click the link below to view the map.

Big Flats Zoning Map

Zoning Districts

Zoning laws are in effect in the Town of Big Flats. The Town of Big Flats is divided into the following districts:


RU Rural
R1 Residential – moderate density
R2 Residential – high density
TC Town Center
TC2 Town Center 2
TCR Town Center Residential
BN Business Neighborhood
BN2 Business Neighborhood 2
BNR Business non-retail
BR Business regional
ABD Airport Business Development
CL Commercial or light industrial
I Industrial
C Conservation
RCD Recreation Conservation District

Zoning Application

The follwing application is only required for a Zoning action not associated with a Planning Board action.
Application for Zoning Variance
Application for Zoning Permit